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"Thank God you've come."

Gaspard certainly hadn't been expecting that though it was appreciated. The other man didn't sound like he was joking, which would've been understandable since Gaspard was a man of the cloth after all, indeed he actually sounded a bit grave. Gaspard watched as immediately after the man opened the door to him he quickly walked into the kitchenette. Gaspard quietly closed the front door to the small house and joined his new landlord. The other man, shorter than Gaspard and a little heaver, hastily straightened some papers and held out a ring of two keys.

"They open the front and the sliding glass doors over there. One's a spare, obviously." He gestured to the other side of the room after Gaspard took them, into the living room area where two sliding glass doors led out onto a screened off back porch. Gaspard could see a retention pond and plenty more houses beyond them. "And this" The man slid a few sheets of paper and a pen to him on the counter they were standing at. "is, miraculously, all the paperwork you need to go through. Just sign your name in a couple places and uh, you'll be renting from me." Gaspard had familiarized himself with the process ahead of time so he knew where to sign and he did so quietly. He looked up at the man as he slid the papers back to him.

"You're right, that was painless." He said, smiling. His new landlord, Bertrand…something, had patchwork stubble on his throat and jawline and only a few of the buttons on his shirt done up. Bertrand nodded at him rigidly before clapping his hands.

"Well, there you go. I apologize for it being so warm in here but I've not been living here myself for a few days so I figured, why waste the electricity? The AC does work, the thermostat is on that wall and I'll be seeing you." Gaspard watched him fold his papers as he made his way to the front door.

"Are you alright, Mr…?" Gaspard called out to him. Bertrand looked over his shoulder.

"Just Bertrand is fine, don't worry, why do you ask?"

"You looked as though you were limping?" It wasn't quite a limp but it was a rather awkward gate and, to Gaspard at least, cause for some concern.

"Ah, no, no nothing's wrong, maybe just a bit stiff from some of the moving I've been doing." And with that the man left without another word. Gaspard quirked an eyebrow as he heard an engine rev and pull away outside. What strange behavior…

But still, down to business. He found the thermostat and turned it down, pleased at the immediate sound of the AC unit activating. That done he got out his cellphone to find the man's number…

"Bertrand de Langeron. That's it." He pocketed his cell phone again and put his hands together. Just a small prayer for his new landlord, the man was generous offering him such scant price to pay for monthly rent. That, and he had left in a car, he needed all the safety he could get.

"In Jesus name I pray. Amen."
This is the first part of something I'm working on. I'm going to post the rest of it on the kink meme (since it's a fill to a sort of older request) I don't know if I will post the rest here, I guess I might as well when I get around to it but what do you think?

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Pretty please post the finished one!
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